I Want To Hire A Builder, I Think?

Every once in a while I get a phone call from a potential client that wants to build something.  I usually open the conversation asking how they got our name or how they have heard of our company.  I usually get the statement “I am looking for a contractor to build my house addition and someone recommended your company.  My first question is “did you hire an architect to do the drawings”?  They usually respond, “why do I need an architect, the contractor builds it”?  I go on to explain that the architects role is to design the building and the role of the contractor is to build it.  Architects don’t build the buildings and contractors don’t design the buildings.  There’s a great public misconception as to the role of the architect and builder.  I cringe every time I read an article about a new building or worse a law suit that states “the architect who is building the building, etc.”.  As mentioned earlier the role of the architect is to design the building not build it.  Can’t those creative writers that went through four years of journalism school get a simple fact correct?   The reputable contractors will tell a potential client “you need to find an architect to do the permit drawings”.  The scrupulous contractor will tell the client that he can do it.  What he doesn’t tell them is he will hire an architect on the side to design it and do the permit drawings.

This is the reason Schachne Architects & Builders started design/build services back in 1995.  We provide both architectural and construction services for our clients for both residential and commercial projects.   We enthusiastically tell potential clients that we provide both architectural and construction services and we will coordinate all that is required to complete their project.  So when we receive a phone call looking for a builder we give the caller a quick lesson in journalism.