A Recycling Solution For House Renovations

During a house renovation a few years ago on the intercoastal waterway in Ft. Lauderdale the owner decided he wanted larger impact windows than what was chosen.  Unfortunately, we were left with a number of windows that could not be used.  We determined that the best use of these windows was to either donate them or try to find a user for them.  We listed the windows on the internet and found a builder in the Bahamas that was in desperate need of impact windows.  Purchasing impact windows in the islands is difficult and costly.  When the builder came to our office we were more than happy to make a deal on the windows.  He also questioned if we had any other miscellaneous materials that he could purchase.  Over the years we acquired sinks, faucets, miscellaneous tile and hardware that we had no need for.  He was thrilled that we were able to either donate or sell to him at a reduced cost.  The associated picture shows the recycled windows on the front of the house.  Floor tile we had provided was utilized in the new kitchen and batrhoom.  Over the years we have kept in contact and we keep him in mind when we have unwanted materials.  The partnership that we have developed serves a good cause.  Instead of unwanted materials ending up in the dump we have found a use for them.   This partnership has reduced waste, and cut down on virgin materials used for the fabrication of the windows and other components.  Construction and demolition generate an enormous amount of solid waste.  The EPA estimates that 136 million tons of construction and demolition debris was generated in 1996.  With the number of natural disasters and the past building boom, that number is even higher.  We do our part to limit the amount of waste we generate at our job sites and look to recycle whenever we can.  Now if only I could go fishing in the Bahamas.